15 Best Time Management Apps of 2021

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Published April 28th, 2021

Managing our time well can help us remain productive and get enough rest simultaneously since it is crucial to keep our minds and bodies strong for other activities.

Fortunately, technological innovation has brought new apps and software to help organize your tasks, time, and rest hours. With that, let’s discuss the 15 best time management apps this 2021.

The Best Time Management Apps To Consider

1. Trello

If you are a project manager, Trello is an excellent app for you. It will allow you and your team to maintain proper task assignments and team collaboration. The Trello app features boards that you can create to list down all your tasks and even lets you add your team to it so you can see each other’s progress.

The app has a comment section that enables you and your team to leave thoughts, ideas, updates and allows you to set reminders on current and finished tasks for improvements. The Trello app also notifies you and your team about any new comments on everyday tasks on the boards through email. 

2. Apple Calendar

The Apple Calendar is one of the best time management apps, and using it in an Apple watch can make it more effective. The app is free and features everything you need to organize your tasks and schedule for the whole month and more.

Also, knowing Apple and their software, the app is sure to make updates that will better match your time management needs as time goes on. The Apple Calendar is also featured on Apple’s customer support website to help you navigate the app better.

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another free app that is great at managing time while managing teams at the same time. Most Google service apps are free and offer easy-to-navigate features. This is one of the apps that allow you to schedule tasks efficiently, from your Google email to the calendar. Flight details from your airline are even sent to your calendar to remember important dates and notes.

4. Remember the Milk

Do not let the odd name fool you. Remember the Milk is an excellent app for time management and offers features and an interface that is easy to use. It allows you to personalize the theme of your list of things to do to better suit your preferences and personality.

The app has a search engine that you can use to sort through your tasks data and tasks. Remember the Milk gives you the option to receive notifications from the app either through SMS, email, Twitter, or iMessage.  

5. Cozi

Time management is not just about organizing work time but personal rest time as well. The Cozi app lets you do just that. Cozi allows you to manage your schedule and tasks through various devices.

The app is easy to navigate as the features are straightforward. It even allows you to list down groceries you need to buy, recipes for meals you want to cook for friends and family, and such.

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6. Office 365

Office 365 is a somewhat calendar type of app. The app lets you time track for better management. Office 365 allows you to sync your team’s schedule for better collaboration and team coordination and record the time you use while working.

The results and records come in charts for easy understanding and summarization. It also lets you choose the alert system that notifies you whenever you spend too much time on one site.

7. TimeTree

TimeTree is an effective time tracking software that lets you exchange calendars and notes among your team and coworkers. It is perfect for both professional use and personal use with your friends and family. The app available is free and can be accessed through multiple devices.

TimeTree is designed to compile all your needed information in one place for easy access and share important events and data with other people. It is the perfect meeting scheduler. 

8. Todoist

The Todoist app is currently a favorite time management app of many individuals and is loved by current users. It is one of the top apps that people use today as it is accessible on various platforms and collaborates with other management software tools that you may already be using, such as Gmail and Slack.

Todoist has been around since 2007 and has improved its features since then. What makes the app even better is that it updates its features to meet customer needs and standards.

9. Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a product of professional minds combined. This time management tool is suitable for any professional, such as freelancers, project managers, or business owners.

The app is free for up to five users and tracks time in tools you may already use. If you happen to run into any technical problem with the app, the customer support team responds within hours for better assistance. 

10. Focus Keeper

Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? This time management software bases its features on that technique. Focus Keeper works well at eliminating your procrastination habits and lessens the overwhelming feeling that comes with multiple tasks.

The interface is easy to use and easily customizable to better suit your needs and preferences. The app is available on Chrome, Firefox or iOS, Android, and Desktop. Focus Keeper is a focused timer and eliminates anxiety from work and time pressure which is excellent for preventing burnouts.

11. MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

MyLifeOrganized, or MLO, is an app that allows you to set reminders to focus on your work. The app helps in setting goals and meeting them for the day or the week. MLO is one of the most well-known apps that are good for task management as it records your to-do list and allows you to take note of which job you should prioritize first.

12. Quire

Quire is a great time management software available that encourages you and your team to remain productive. This app lets you interact with your team and colleagues for better collaborations and allows you to bounce ideas off each other’s heads. Quire’s features are easily adjustable to let you better create a working schedule aligned with your team’s needs and preferences. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop devices.

13. Evernote

Evernote is more of a productivity tracker that you can use as a time management tool. This app lets you compile all your data in one place, whether it’s an image, important note, and such. The app also enables you to record everything you discussed during a meeting, interviews, and such. You can even combine the Evernote app with the Remember the Milk app for better optimization. 

14. Clockify

Clockify is an app that promotes better time management. It allows you to track time on each activity and enhance your work routine. The app takes note of your work hours and calculates your credible and billable hours for payroll. Clockify features two tracking time interfaces, the Timer mode as a time clock and the Manual mode, where you enter your working time manually. 

15. Asana

Asana is one of the apps that allow managing time and team collaboration. The app streamlines tasks that you and your team are assigned to do. It is an excellent project management tool that is very efficient.

This app allows you to set deadlines, write project details, and assign tasks to different team members and coworkers. Not only does Asana offer a platform that lets you assign tasks and projects efficiently, but it also lets you see progress on those tasks. The app features a Focus Mode that allows you to do one job at a time without having to multitask.

Time management is vital in keeping a healthy work environment and productivity. Often, burnout and failure to finish tasks are a result of poor time management. Not being able to do proper task management can get stressful and usually leads to unsatisfactory output. With these time management apps, you may improve your work and even get more rest and time with your loved ones.

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