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About Us

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History Of BocaExecuSpace

BocaExecuSpace was founded on the idea that if you give businesses room to grow they will do so. They wanted you to feel like they wanted your business to succeed by offering great deals on office space for rent in Boca Raton. We have only ever offered high quality office space that raised the bar in office rentals.

Boca Raton office space means you are getting work done in a high growth area. New businesses continue to pop up in the area and a professional atmosphere abounds. You never know what kind of connections you will make in this city. That’s because so many entrepreneurs choose to start their business in this thriving city.

Steve Williams, Our Founder

Steve Williams is the founder of BocaExecuSpace. With his guidance we have grown to include a whole host of professional tenants in the Boca Raton building. He has helped many businesses thrive with great professional atmosphere and guided many of his own businesses to success in these offices.

He is currently the president of GlobalTel and many other profitable online businesses. He is the father of two beautiful daughters and resides in Boca Raton Florida.

Steve Williams the president of

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