Jobs for Creative People | Top 9 Careers For Creative Minds

An artist at work in one of the top jobs for creative people.

Published November 8th, 2018

Do you consider yourself creative? If yes, then you might find the perfect career for your below. Check out some of the top jobs for creative people.

Creativity, by definition, is the use of the imagination to come up with original ideas. Following this, creative people are also known as the most complex on the planet. They are the inventors, trailblazers, and non-conformists. Think of Beethoven, Van Gogh or even Charlie Chaplin. They defied the norms of the times to create their masterpieces.

One sign of creativity is becoming bored with menial and routine tasks. So if you find yourself stuck and demotivated, then it might be that you’re craving to use your creative streak. Also, that it’s time for a career change. In that case, this list will help you.

Marketing and Public Relations

Average Salary: up to $100,000 per year

The advertising industry is where you will find many jobs for creative people but it is a very competitive one. It takes guts, strong will and a healthy dose of creativity to survive and thrive.

Advertising Director. They take charge of their client’s advertising campaigns.

Events Planner. If you are fond of conceptualizing memorable events, this could be the dream job for you.

Marketing Manager. They are responsible for increasing a company’s sales

Social Media Influencer. If you have a huge Instagram or Facebook following and want to convert that to money, you should give this a serious thought.

Public Relations Specialist. They are in charge of upholding a person or company’s public image.

Sales. If you’re good at convincing people to buy something, maybe you’re destined to be a salesperson.

A multimedia artist at work.Multimedia

Average Salary: up to $120,000 per year

People who are in this field uses various kinds of media to convey an idea. From movies to music, they can sweep us off our couches and whisk us to a fantasy land only they knew existed.
Animators. If illustrating the same thing over and over again in different angles excites you, consider this one.

Audio Engineer. Music and their effects on human senses pique your curiosity. Sounds like you’re an audio engineer in the making.

Movie and Theater Director. If you enjoy bringing a good story to life, this might be the perfect career for you.

Arts and Crafts
Average Salary: up to $60,000 per year

This one is pretty obvious. An artist or craftsman’s livelihood depends on the level of creativity seen in their work.

Art Director. They envision an artwork and decide what medium to use. You can usually see their works advertising, publication and even video games.

Art restorer. As obvious from their title, they restore art masterpieces to its former glory.

Craft Artists. If you’ve got a talent in creating handmade crafts from a variety of raw materials, you’ll succeed in this one.

Glassblower. Transforming a molten glass to works of art takes creativity and skills.

Jeweler. They convert an ordinary metal to one of the most expensive accessories on earth. That in itself is praiseworthy.

Performing Arts

Average Salary: up to $50,000 per year

Making the audience tear up while laughing and in awe all at the same time is no easy feat. Performing artists sometimes risk their lives and limbs to make a mark in their audience. Those who make it big usually live a life of luxury and worldwide fame.

Actor. If portraying different characters is your thing, consider trying out for Hollywood auditions.

Choreographer. They usually work for movie outfits to put some groove to their musical presentations.

Musician. They don’t just sing, they also compose songs. That makes them one of the most artistic people around.

Information Technology

Average Salary: up to $107,000 per year

If you think that IT people are serious, dull and nerdy bespectacled dudes, you better think twice. Information technology is still an industry full of jobs for creative people. You might be surprised at the level of imagination and artistry needed to excel in this field.

Mobile App Developer. Developing an app needs careful planning and a lot of test runs. Much like creating any other artistic masterpieces.

Video Game Designer. To ensure great sales of video games, it has to be very creative and original. This is the challenge all video game designers have to face.

Web Developer. Like other jobs here, web developers also need to get creative to gain more site traffic.

Visual Arts

Average Salary: up to $43,000 per year

This may be a no brainer for finding jobs for creative people and necessary for this list. While other artistic people try to impress on all the senses, visual artists focus on one: vision. They use their flair for creating evocative images to draw out emotions or instill ideas. Sometimes they also use this to trick the eyes and stimulate the mind.

Painters. You can thank them for all those classic gilt-framed images hanging in museums today. Their work can be timeless.

Photographers. They work in a lot of fields, from taking wedding portraits to snapping up celebrities.

Special Effects Artist. If you’ve enjoyed movies like Harry Potter or The Avengers, you are appreciating the work of a special effects artist.

Make-up Artist. If you enjoy making others beautiful, you should consider this as a possible career.

Mural painter. Instead of putting graffiti on walls, why don’t you channel that creativity painting murals?


Average Salary: up to $59,000 per year

They say that art is an expression of oneself while design always has a purpose. Indeed, people who are into design have to always make sure that their output is useful and functional.

Architect. If designing houses makes you happy, consider an architectural degree.

Fashion Designers. Not just for the catwalk, fashion designers also create pieces for famous RTW brands.

Floral Designers. If you like to arrange flowers for a hobby, think about turning it into a profitable enterprise.

Graphic Designers. Their work can be as varied as designing a logo to creating a pamphlet.


Average Salary: up to $58,000 per year

This might come as news but educators are among the most ingenious people in the world. They always have to come up with new ways to make the class or session more interesting.

Teacher. Teaching is a noble profession. It can also be a creative one too as it involves careful planning and a bunch of learner activities.

A writer at work.Writing and Publishing

Average Salary: up to $50,000 per year

While visual artists use images to conjure emotion, writers do it with words. They can make you cry, laugh, smirk or want to rip someone’s head out with a few lines.

Blogger. If you take pleasure in making your opinions known, blogging is a lucrative option. It might be hard to build a following at first but the rewards are worth it.

Book Author. They don’t usually earn a fixed income but rather on the royalties of books sold.

Copywriter. A marketing copy can make or break a product. That’s why a copywriter has to put as much creativity into their work as possible.


Average Salary: up to $70,000 per year

Believe it or not, the food industry has many jobs for creative people. Whipping up presentable and Instagram-worthy dishes don’t need a miracle, but sheer imagination. Those who are into food preparation not only has to flirt with the palate, they also have to please the eyes.

Chef. As the food industry is advancing, a chef has to introduce something new to stay on top of their game.

Pâtissier. They make pastries and other drool-inducing desserts.


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