The Best Jobs to Start a New Career at 40

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Published Aug. 30, 2022

A midlife career change may seem impractical and pointless for most people. Nevertheless, people who are unhappy with their current careers continue to consider changing careers. In addition, many individuals in this day and age continue to work well into their 40s and beyond.

Though you have to exert extra effort to start a new career, this may be the best decision you’ll ever make. In this article, you may find the perfect career as we brief you on the best jobs to start at 40. We’ll walk you through the salaries, responsibilities, and requirements that each career demands so it will be easier for you to make that very important decision in your life.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mid-Life Change Of Career?

Although a mid-life change in career may be risky, there are benefits to doing so. Let’s discuss each one of them in greater detail below:

  • You’ve Already Got Professional Experience

Job experience is a vital prerequisite for most positions. Therefore, having already worked in a professional setting will help you greatly with finding a new career regardless of your age.

With that said, it’s important to set your expectations and know your limitations. For instance, if you’ve got an underlying health condition, then it’s best to avoid physically demanding jobs.

  • Changing Your Career Can Be Good For Mental Health

If you’re considering a career change during your 40s, then you must’ve experienced feeling job burnout already. While this is normal, feeling burned out every day can drain your mental health.

Sometimes, a simple change in your career can reinvigorate you. However, this always won’t be the case. As such, you should choose your next career carefully and set your expectations.

  • You Still Have Lots Of Time

Life expectancy across the globe has been increasing. As a result, the average age that people retire has significantly decreased. 

It’s now commonplace to come across individuals who continue to work well into their 60s, 70s, and even 80s. Therefore, it wouldn’t be right for you to think that you don’t have a lot of time left if you’re planning on switching jobs during your 40s.

  • A New Career Can Leave You Feeling Satisfied With Life

The career that you chose during your younger years may not leave you feeling as satisfied as it once did. Due to that, it would be best to make the change to truly be happy.

Remember that your feeling of satisfaction directly affects how you view life. As such, a career that’s satisfying is paramount to you being generally positive and optimistic.

Must-Try Career In Your 40s

If you’re willing to take the risk and make time to pursue a new career at 40, here are some of the best jobs you may want to try:

  • Medical Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $16.22 per hour 

Job Responsibilities: A medical administrative assistant’s tasks are mostly scheduling appointments, handling patients records, and answering calls. They are also known as a medical secretary. This job also includes interviewing patients for previous case histories and appointments. 

Job Requirements: This role requires strong administrative and customer service skills. Most hirings for this kind of job don’t require a degree. A Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate can be earned as quickly as nine months. Taking vocational courses related to the skills needed for this job can be helpful for your resume.

  • Patient Care Technician

Average Salary: $16.74 per hour

Job Responsibilities: Patient care technicians assist doctors, nurses, or any health care worker in taking care of patients’ needs. They provide bedside care and monitor patients’ conditions. In addition, their role is to conduct tests, collect samples, and record information about patients.

Job Requirements: Some hospital doesn’t require much when it comes to patients care technicians. However, you must undergo training, pass the NCLEX exam, and get the certification. In addition, this job requires patience since many patients have bad manners when in pain.

  • Event Planner

Average Salary: $17.23 per hour

Job Responsibilities: Event planners organize and coordinate all aspects of an event, from design to food. They are also known as event coordinators tasked to manage every detail of any upcoming event. They are in charge of everything for the occasion, but great power comes with great responsibility. Additionally, coordinators need to make sure that the event goes smoothly and guests have a great time.

Job Requirements: Event planners need to have excellent organization and communication skills to build connections. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, marketing, communication, public relations, and business can be an advantage and land you more job promotions.

  • Dental Assistant

Average Salary: $18.86 per hour

Job Responsibilities: A dental assistant’s job includes assisting and monitoring patients. Dental assistants prepare any tools or equipment that the dentist or patient needs. Additionally, they are the ones that book appointments and provide high-quality care for dental patients.

Job Requirements: Anyone with a high school diploma or an associate degree can work as a dental assistant. Dental assistants get certified by joining training programs specialized for dental staff.

  • Translator

Average Salary: $46,067 per year

Job Responsibilities: If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can be a translator. The responsibility of this job is to translate a written language into another. 

Job Requirements: Being fluent in two or more languages is all you need to be a translator. This job has many opportunities since translation services are now commonly used everywhere. Cultural knowledge, a specialized degree or certificate, along any linguistic experience are valuable skills.

  • SEO Specialist

Average Salary: $52,560 per year

Job Responsibilities: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists are tasked to review and develop website content to improve the website’s ranking on search engines. These specialists analyze and use research to land a higher ranking on a website like Google.

Job Requirements: There is no specific degree required to enter this field. There are many online training courses and digital marketing webinars that provide certification, which can be useful for job opportunities.

  • Human Resources Manager

Average Salary: $68,678 per year

Job Responsibilities: Human resources managers are the ones who interview, hire, and onboard employees for a company. They decide which employees to terminate and renew. One part of their job is to ensure that the company policies and employment laws are enforced.

Job Requirements: A degree in human resources is a must-have for this job. However, there are online classes you may take to prepare you for this role. In addition, HR managers require excellent administrative and leadership skills.

  • Web Developer

Average Salary: $70,512 per year

Job Responsibilities: Web developers are programmers that develop and design websites. The skills for this job take more than just being a programmer. Web developers are also editors, graphic designers, and writers. So you must have a balance of being good at technical and being creative. In this job, you may work from home, freelance, or even work in big companies. 

Job Requirements: This career path requires a bachelor’s degree in web development or any other related field. You can also take training for more education credits.

  • Project Manager

Average Salary: $74,671 per year

Job Responsibilities: Projects managers lead any type of planning, managing, or organizing projects. They lead the project team to deliver outstanding results. Furthermore, project managers manage the budget and close projects. In this job, experience is prioritized over qualifications.

Job Requirements: A degree in business administration or marketing can help boost your resume. Moreover, having any office management experience can also work. This job requires administration and communication skills.  

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How To Start A New Career At 40

Lots of employees probably may have thought of changing careers, but only a few people do it. Changing career paths is a big decision that can change people’s lifestyles as well. Therefore, many workers get scared and overwhelmed, so they brush off the thought, wanting to stay in their comfort zones.

Since you have to start from scratch again, starting a new career at old age may seem impossible. The thing is, it really is scary, hard, and brings lots of pressure. On the other hand, we all know that the hardest thing to do is to start, but this can be the start of a happier chapter in your work life. If your current job only brings you frustration and headache, the efforts and sacrifices you need to make to start a new career shouldn’t be a big deal at all. 

Step 1: Look At Your Transferable Skills And Make a Decision 

Transferable skills refer to any skills that are useful to employers across different jobs and various industries. These include skills like teamwork, adaptability, and strong organization and communication skills. 

Thoughts about quitting and changing jobs have entered most, if not all, unsatisfied employees. For most employees, thoughts like that are just a phase. For some, thoughts like these are always occurring. Still, words or thoughts about starting a new career aren’t enough. 

If you truly want to change career paths, you have to decide and make it work. Choosing to start again will help you to take the initiative and make things happen.

Step 2: Identify What Career To Take

You probably have a lot of career ideas in mind already. Either a childhood dream or just a career you want to try. There are a lot of career opportunities you can take, even at the median age. To help you visualize what job to pursue, you can ask your close friends or family things to determine your qualities. 

For instance, you may identify your strengths, weaknesses, and what you’re passionate about. There are also tests on the internet like what UCAS offers that may help you determine what career is suitable for you. 

Step 3: Consider Different Job Opportunities

At this point, some people are still undecided and have many career jobs in mind. Employees most likely have a plan A to plan Z list of careers they want to try. Considering different kinds of career paths is actually better than sticking to one plan. Research about the employment you’re into, especially the education requirements it demands. Imagine yourself at different jobs and identify which one matches your interest and makes you feel happy. 

Step 4: Apply To Part-time Jobs

As I stated earlier, starting a new career requires a lot of effort. First, you have to find the time to fit the part-time job, especially if you are working in your current career. Then, trying out different jobs can let you experience what that specific job makes you feel. 

For example, if you decide to work part-time at your childhood dream job but it doesn’t make you feel what you imagined, you can easily quit. After that, start to work at another job you’re considering. Finally, when you already know the wrong careers for you, recognize what career you want to pursue. 

Step 5: Determine Which Career Success To Commit To

After all the part-time experience you gained, you must determine and choose which career you will truly commit to. If the job doesn’t feel like a job, then that’s the career for you. Next, determine what inspires you to wake up the following day — the one that makes you feel happy and alive.


Switching careers at 40 is hard and time-consuming. Starting all over again requires hard work and determination. But, despite all the hardships and sacrifices, starting a new career at 40 would all be worth it when you’re in the job you’re happy to do. Nothing feels better than earning money from doing something you love. 

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The Best Jobs to Start a New Career at 40

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