What Are The Different Types of Virtual Teams?

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The advancement of technology has eased our living in many ways. Who would have thought that we can now sit in one place and be able to communicate with others far away from us or even work at home? Thanks to the wonderful discovery of laptops and the internet! Video conferencing, email and other forms of communication have been made possible. Because of this, the virtual team setup has become more popular.

What Is A Virtual Team?

A virtual team is a group of people who work together without actually working in the same place. Meaning, the team works together through electronic devices. Employees are spread across various locations, which can be different cities or even countries. Thus, different time zones too.

Advantages of Virtual Teams:

  • Saves Resources
  • The full availability of talent
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces the cost of traveling
  • Can work any time of the day

Disadvantages of Virtual Teams

  • Technological issues
  • Communication gaps
  • Poor team bonding
  • Uneven distribution of knowledge
A virtual team member working remotely.

Types of Virtual Teams

Networked Teams

Networked teams are composed of people with different knowledge and expertise that are brought together to solve a specific issue. Existing members on this type of virtual team are often removed when their role is complete. And when necessary, a new member is added if there’s a new task or a unique position to complete.

Parallel Teams

Parallel teams consist of members that are working within the same organization. The team works to develop recommendations in a system wherein they remain intact until the determined goal is achieved.

Product Development Teams

Product development teams are a type of virtual team where experts from different parts of the country are brought together to develop a unique new project.

Production Teams

Members of the production team perform a single type of task and have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The output of each individual is combined where they should meet the expected result.

Service Teams

Service teams are composed of members from different time zones to provide technical service and customer support. The next member will continue each work produced by each member. Companies that cater to 24/7 services usually have this type of virtual teams.

Management Teams

Management teams consist of managers of the same organization to make significant and challenging decisions for the company. The members of this type of virtual team come together to discuss and solve corporate-level strategies.

Action Teams

Members of the action teams are formed for a short time to take action for immediate problems. These are the emergency team wherein once the issue is resolved, the members will be dispersed.

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